I am using the Reviewboard Our Repository is CVS and language is 
simplified Chinese. I had found that some times, Reviewboard diff view will 
show unrecognizable Chinese characters. The RB1.5 said (Bug #1409) has been 
patched in this version, But I did not find difference about character Encoding 
    Can any body give me some suggestion about this problem? I had tried to 
change the scmtools/cvs.py file,  in the function "_cat_specific_file", I tried 
to change 'contents' encoding with the codes: try: contents.decode("utf-8")  
except: contents.decode("GB18030").encode("utf-8")
    I had also tried the diffviewer/diffutils.py, in the function 
'convert_line_endings(data)', Make the same encoding change as above. Then I 
tried the postreview.py, To change the encoding of "diff" content from GB to 
UTF-8 if required.
   But this problem is not resuloved. When I tried the 
"convert_line_endings(data)" function, It always shows "ascii decode error " 
like infomation on the view diff page. 
   if the RB1.5 can make sure that all repository source file will be utf-8 for 
RB, No matter what is the repository file original encoding, Then How did it 
processing those character encoding problems?

Best Regards!

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