My RB version is   There is a scenario:
    Local CVS Repository has many files, When I use the post-review,
It will not support --revision-range option, Because different file in
CVS Repository will have different revision-range values.
    So I had tried to generate diff myself, My method is simplely to
add content of each file diff together, like follows:
    diff_content = ""
    for file in file_list:
        diff_content += commands.getoutput("cvs diff  file -r  -r ")
    return diff_content
    But I am not sure whether the simple content join can get legal
CVS diff contents. Will it be recognized well by Reviewboard Server?
Will there be any special instance that will cause ReviewBoard patch
exception? Or, If one of the files has empty diff content, Will the
follow diff contents be ignored by ReviewBoard diff parse  functions?

And, I want to know other learning sites about ReviewBoard, The Google
Group site is not so accessable in my contry( illness of net content
firewall of this contry ). Mostly I can't log onto this site. So I
want to konw If there are some other folums or groups.

Best Regards!

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