I'm trying to add an https SVN repository.
After click on save, the folowing message is shown...

"A verified HTTPS certificate is required to connect to this
There were errors validating this certificate:
The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
fingerprint to validate the certificate manually. ..."

... with the following options: "I trust this host" and "Re edit
So far so good, but when I click on "I trust this host", RB enters an
infinite loop.

The error message is:

"ERROR - SVN: Failed to get repository information for https://myserver/repo:
OPTIONS of 'https://myserver/repo': Server certificate verification
failed: issuer is not trusted (https://myserver)

I'm using RB1.5 beta 2+ Apache 2.2 + Ubuntu...
I'm able to perform a SVB checkout with both root and www-data
users... I'm not sure why the "certificate is not issued by a trusted
authority" message is still been shown.

Does anyone have this problem?

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