Hi Jan,

I'm really glad you want to contribute to Review Board and have been working
on doing this. I know a lot of those patches still aren't in and it's
frustrating, and I really do apologize. The problem isn't with you. Rather,
it's a time issue on my part.

I was considering sending out an e-mail about our status and the fact that
we need additional help in specific areas. I may still do that separately,
but I'll give the summary here.

Basically, we are absolutely swamped. Review Board's user base over the past
couple of years has grown considerably, which leads to many feature requests
and bugs. Unlike most open source projects, though, it has more of a
corporate following than an open source following, which means people who
contribute tend to contribute to solve a business need and not because they
enjoy working on the project. This leads to a large influx of short-term
contributors but very few long-term.

Because of this, nobody really sticks around long enough to "own" a
particular piece of code, meaning that we have to learn the new code, fully
understand it, support it, and maintain it. A good example is Clear Case. I
don't know Clear Case. I don't have a long-term license with which to be
able to get really familiar with it. The existing Clear Case code we have is
complicated and buggy. This makes code reviews hard for me, as I can only
make an educated guess as to whether something is being done the correct
way, based on limited understanding of how Clear Case works.

Since Clear Case is just one small part of Review Board, the focus tends to
be on other components. That's not to say that Clear Case is hardly used or
anything, or that it's not important, but so is every other component.
Likewise, other things sometimes get just as ignored, unfortunately.

In an ideal world, we'd be giving every component our full attention.
However, our development team is very, very small for a project of this
size. Aside from occasional contributors, it consists of two people: David
Trowbridge and myself.

Now, David and I have a full time job at VMware, leading some large projects
that take up a good amount of time themselves. Outside of that, David's
fairly busy right now and, while I know he'd like to put more time into the
project, he simply can't at the moment. So that leaves me. And I wear many

* Lead developer (Review Board, RBTools, website, some additional stuff
before too long)
* Documentation writer
* Support (mailing lists, sometimes IM and IRC and private e-mail)
* QA/Test infrastructure developer (testing the product, building our unit
test framework (including Selenium tests) and managing our build machines)
* Release manager
* Student mentor (for Google's Summer of Code, and an upcoming thing this

Since there is only one of me, and I'm operating in my "free time" (which is
split between a personal life and Review Board -- and Review Board is taking
up most of that these days), I can only do one thing at a time.

You asked about the project needs. What I really need is to find people who
can do some of the tasks above. "Owning" a part of the codebase (handling
the support for it, developing it, writing tests, and rewriting the code if
need be), helping with support, writing documentation (looking for good doc
writers for that part).

The other problem of course is finances. It's a fairly expensive project to
run, outside of time spent, and we're just barely breaking even. If we had
enough money available to the project, perhaps we could hire people to do
some of the above. I'm working on ideas for that, but at the moment it's not
really an option.

So, the best way to be in touch with us is by e-mail. I know you and I are
in very different timezones and I'm rarely around when you are, so IM
doesn't quite work. I don't use Skype and I feel it has the same problems as
IM in this case. The big advantage of e-mail is that more people can get
involved and answer questions as well.

Right now, I'm working hard to get the new user manual and admin manual done
for Review Board 1.5. I'm trying really hard to push that out the door so I
can start getting RBTools back in shape. Right now, I'm just simply ignoring
RBTools, because I can't have too many distractions from 1.5 or it'll just
keep being delayed. I'll be paying a lot more attention to patches and code
reviews after that's out the door, and we can start getting things into
RBTools and into RB point releases.


Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
Review Board - http://www.reviewboard.org
VMware, Inc. - http://www.vmware.com

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 10:35 AM, Jan Koprowski <jan.koprow...@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
>   I feel strong need to develop ReviewBoard. I wrote few patches and
> from time to time fix something what I found inside RB but ... I still
> fill I don't help.    I still don't know what is the current needs of
> ReviewBoard, in which point of Release project is and what should be
> made to release next version faster. Is developer team is close group
> of people or this community is open? How I can be in touch with
> developers and help with current work? How I can be up to date with
> current needs of RB and help with development? Is there any chance to
> get mentor from contributor team to work with him (by Skype in
> example).
> Greetings from Poland
> --
> Jan Koprowski
> --
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