We've recently starting using Review Board for our team but we are
spread out across several sites in the US.  Each site has it's own P4
proxy server that people on that site use for their P4 activity.
Behind the scenes I understand these proxies phone home to master P4
server (which is actually outside the US).  The Review Board server is
actually located in one of these remote sites inside the US, far from
the master P4 server.

>From what we can tell, when the user is using post-review the p4Info
that comes back appears to be the master server that is outside the US
(even though their P4PORT env variable is set to their local proxy)
The repositories for Review Board are also set to the server outside
the US.

It would be ideal if the post-review diff was generated based on the
users local P4 proxy as that would be the fastest.  Then it would be
ideal if the Review Board server used the local proxy for it's
location.  Is this possible?

It's not clear to me how much P4 server contacting the Review Board
server does.  When the user clicks on "View Diff" in Review Board,
does that result in the server contacting the P4 server for any info
or is all of this info stored locally in the Review Board's database
from the submission time?


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