I have a problem with newly created files in branches when using post-
review. I am using subversion. Client machine is 64-bit Windows 7.

What I do:

1. Create a new branch based on trunk
2. Commit several changes into the branch, including creating new
3. Reintegrate branch into trunk
4. Post review from trunk using post-review

The diff that is created by post-review does not contain the new file.
The diff file contains the following lines (given that the new file is
named NewFile.cs:

Property changes on: NewFile.cs
Modified: svn:mergeinfo
   Merged /blabla/branches/mybranch/NewFile.cs:r11226-11336

It seems like the diff contains information about the fact that the
new file is being merged into trunk from the branch, but it doesn't
contain the actual lines in the new file. As a result, the review
request in ReviewBoard doesn't contain NewFile.cs at all.

Am I doing anything wrong, or is this a bug?

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