I have a request draft created using the web API. I need to create the
diff file and link the diff to my request draft. I am not sure how to
do it after I read through the reviewboard documentation. I am using
Java and HttpClient to interface with reviewboard. I have svn

It doesn't seem like reviewboard has an API for creating the diff
file. So the diff file has to be somehow generated from somewhere
else. how?

Once I have the diff file, it seems I should use Http Post to send the
diff to the request draft. I don't understand this portion of the
documentation (http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/1.5/webapi/2.0/

"send the data as part of a multipart/form-data mimetype. The main
diff’s name and content would be stored in the path field."

what should the post request look like?

Thank you,

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