I recently started looking into Review Board and I'm about to give it a try 
with my team. A couple questions before I start:

It appears to be possible as an unauthenticated user to see all review 
quests and the diffs. I need to prevent that and only let logged in users to 
do so. A setting I missed somewhere?

Second, it appears client and server need a live connection to the SCM 
server. I'm using SVN in case that makes a difference. This is inadequate to 
me because we are in a different physical network than our server and reach 
it through on-demand VPN. 

It seems to me that I have all the need, in the client, to create the review 
request. SVN stores the original files, which are used to generate the diffs 
of uncommitted changes, which are uploaded to the server and displayed. This 
is for pre-commit reviews, of course. Otherwise either the client or the 
server would need to reach it and fetch the requested revisions (I'd prefer 
the client but can't be picky about that). Am I missing something?

Otherwise, ReviewBoard looks great. Installation was a little bumpy (on 
windows with apache, mysql) but I figured things out without too much 
trouble. Looking forward to use it for real.

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