I've recently been using a laptop with forward/back keys. These are "conveniently" located by the arrow/cursor keys. In a web browser these keys are the equivalent of alt-left/right (or the backwards/forwards on screen button).

I've just spent the last 10 mins re-entering (multiple times) in text for a review description as I fat fingered the back key. I'd not hit the SAVE button and so I lost my work (the save button was physically off screen due to the size of the description box.text, saving is a real pain with the current UI if you have lots of text). I have lost work a few times in the past by clicking on bug numbers to remind myself (or copy/paste from) what to put into the description but this is the first time fat-fingers have caused me to loose review work.

I see this behavior on all versions (including 1.6 alpha on http://reviews.reviewboard.org/ ).

The other (more) minor annoyance is that I sometimes hit CTRL-s thinking that this will save (I'm just used to that combo) which of course doesn't work :-) It tends to call the web browser save as html dialog.

Has anyone else had similar issues? This is an user error but it is a UI annoyance that could be handled in Reviewboard. I've 2 ideas:

1) support CTRL-S for saving - Google docs does this as does gmail, it is a small but awesome thing :-)

2) if the description (or testing, etc.) has been updated and navigation is attempted send up a pop-up "are you sure?", gmail does this when composing an email and it has not yet been saved. webchat on freenode does this too, it can even detect window/tab closing.

Comments? This isn't meant to be a complaint, I'm trying to see if I'm the only one seeing this.


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