First I would like to say that you have created a very helpful tool.
Thank you for your hard work.

I have a simple request/question.  I know when you use post-review to
create a review, it will give you the review request number for your
newly created request. This number can then be used again by post-
review for updating the diff on that review.  My question is how do
you find this review request number within the ReviewBoard

Why I ask is because our company is thinking about integrating
reviewboard into our project release process, but we need a way to
refer back to previous code reviews so that if the code gets audited
we can prove that the code review took place.

Providing the review request number on the dashboard and providing a
way for searching reviews using this request number would greatly
help.  If there is an easy way to display this or (if not) can this be
placed in a future release.

Thanks you in advance for your reply!


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