On 02/02/2011 08:12 AM, Christopher Orr wrote:
> I just reproduced this while trying to use RB 1.5.2 with a custom
> remote repository (git+ssh://).
> By trial-and-error, it seems the 'None' error occurs if the "Raw file
> URL mask" field is empty.
> Is it correct to say there's no way to set up a git repository in
> Review Board, if the git server is remote and you have no web-based
> access to it?

In that situation, I think what you would want to do is clone the git
repository locally and use a cron job to keep it up to date with the
remote repository. That's probably the only way around this.

Or, if you have control of the remote repository, add a post-commit hook
that notifies your clone to update itself (this would be less wasteful
of network resources).

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