We are attempting to do some clean-up and consolidation of review
groups and would like to delete an existing group but ideally replace
the existing references within reviews with a different group
reference.   I realize ideally we should have just renamed the old one
to the new one but for some reason was not done.

I do not see any way to do this through the UI so assume will have to
modify the database directly if we really want this to occur.


-- Update all reviews that are associated with old_group_id but are
-- already associated with new_group_id
mysql> update reviews_reviewrequest_target_groups
        set group_id = <new_group_id>
           group_id         = <old_group_id> and
           reviewrequest_id not in (
              select reviewrequest_id from (
                select * from reviews_reviewrequest_target_groups
where group_id = <new_group_id>) as x );

Delete the old group through the UI

Hopefully I didn't miss something obvious through the UI and we are
using Review Board version 1.5.3


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