Leonel, I forgot to ask, are you seeing this after an upgrade?

Chris Clark wrote:
Leonel Togniolli wrote:
Every week or so I get one of these below in the mail from my RB
server. I wasn't able to determine what triggers it, unfortunately.

Me too. See http://code.google.com/p/reviewboard/issues/detail?id=1526

I suggest you log a comment on the issue/bug so that there is a record on how many people are seeing this.

I'm now seeing this every day, I think with different users. I know one user has seen this a couple of times (some of the VPN users makes it tricky to know for sure who hits it).

I didn't see it with: Django-1.1.1, Djblets-0.5.5, Reviewboard

Your seeing it with: Django-1.2.3, Djblets-0.6.6, Reviewboard-1.5.1

I'm seeing it with: Django-1.3, Djblets-0.6.7, Reviewboard-1.5.5


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