Recently i look at Gerrit - review tool dedicated for git guys. Two things 
bring my attention:

1) Gerrit try to merge code automatically after review. This is great 
ability. As far I'm aware when merge won't end with success developer get 
message to rebase their code and send to review again. It will be cool to 
get something similar at reviewboard. I think this approach will for for Git 
and probably for Mercurial too.

2) Build system integration. I saw Hudson & Gerrit integration which assume 
additional field for build system which check is project build with new 
versions or not. It is well  exposed at 
http://source.android.com/source/life-of-a-patch.html. Will be something 
nice to make accessible some by API "checkbox field" for build system and 
approach such workflow in reviewboard - optional ofcourse.

What do You think?



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