I've successfully been using 1.5 (thanks!) and am now installing 1.6
beta 2 on a new server.  I was confused by this during rb-site install

* What Python loader module will you be using?

    Based on our experiences, we recommend using modpython with Review

    You can type either the name or the number from the list below.

    (1) wsgi (recommended)
    (2) fastcgi
    (3) modpython (no longer supported)

Which one should I use?  I decided the "wsgi (recommended)" was more
important than the "Based on our experiences..".  So I installed wsgi
and setup my site using a subdirectory.  Didn't work.  Then I found
this thread -

So it sounds like using subdirectories with wsgi isn't supported yet?
When I switched to using wsgi and / it worked.  Should I stay with
wsgi or switch to mod_python?

Also, my old site uses sqlite3.  I'm switching over to mysql.  I was
talking to Jan Koprowski who mentioned using Django dump and load.  I
still need to search through the board for more info.  I was also
going to try sqlfairy.


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