Hi all,
I set up my RB 1.5.5  with apache2(mod_python) and mysql. I can visit
it from my browser and view all the pages and do some settings.

But when I made some changes post-review from shell (linux, debian),
I got a empty draft in my RB site. My svn server is https://foo.com/xyz,
and my repos is on https://foo.com/xyz/aaa/bbb/ccc .  I think I set
the repository right, because I ran post-review with "-d" option, no
error was popped out. Plus, I download the diff from RB site and open
it from a editor, it's showing exactly the same as in "svn diff".

I googled for days and asked some of my tech friends who is using RB
for code review, but no luck... Could someone give me some ideas to
fixed this odd problem?

Thanks and Regards,

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