I've read the docs and looked out on the web and haven't really found
enough on this subject to satisfy me. Using RB seems pretty simple.
Someone creates a review request. I review it. We iterate over the
review, having these nice threaded discussions. Code is changed or
not, finally it is submitted and closed. The tough part for me is
knowing exactly when I've got work to do.

1. Bob creates a review
2. I respond to it asking for clarification on a few things
3. Bob responds

How do I know Bob responded?

Email - that's not enough for me, I don't rely on email to keep track
of workflow issues like that
New Comments Icon - what happens when I click the review and then mess
with it -- that icon is gone and now it looks like any other review

I just wish I could have some custom status or something where I could
do the review, hit publish, then change it to "awaiting coder
feedback" or something and have it show up in the submitter's incoming

I'm sure I'm missing something, and I apologize for wasting anyone's
time with this, but I could really use some help.


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