Hi all

I guess cleartool in RB (scmtools) does not have path to Clearcase
cleartool on system.

Is my idea correct ?
If so, how can I edit path ... ( clearcase.py in scmtools ? )

Thank you

On Jun 23, 12:10 pm, Krles <antonin.nechva...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have problem with clearse case repository. I can't add repository on
> development installation  1.6 beta2 via admin UI.
> I get the following error The executable "cleartool" is not in the
> path.
> Mine setup is:
> Hosting service: Custom
> Repository type: Clearcase
> Path: /vobs/testing
> What Am I doing wrong ?
> Any ideas on how to resolve this error?
> Clearcase 7.0.1
> Thank you

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