i am kries'es collegue and i am now trying to get reviewboard working.

we got over this path problem and it is working now. i have created
repository and I can start post-review. requests are created but "207
error" appears. i am not sure about repository config because it seems
file couldn't be found. in "error data" there is file path with
clearcase version for directory and for file. something like /vobs/
our_vob/@@/main/our_branch/2/test.txt@@/main/our_branch/6. isn't there
supposed /vobs/our_vob/test.txt?

many thanks,

On 27 čvn, 11:39, Jan Koprowski <jan.koprow...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Krles,
> You are perfectly right.
> When You starting Your HTTP server - Apache/Lighttpd or anything else
> variable *PATH* does not contain command *cleartool* which is necessery.
> You must modify *PATH* environment variable to contain *cleartool* command
> and restart Your web-serwer.
> Good luck!
> Jan

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