Hello all,

We have an active directory environment consisting of a single forest
and multiple domains. User accounts are spread among two of those
domains. The reviewboard active directory authentication option works
great, except for the fact that it can only query one domain at a
time. Is there a way to setup multiple domain AD authentication from
reviewboard? Or add a second AD authentication setting?

I've been able to setup other systems using ldap://domaincontroller:3268
to query the global catalog server to authenticate any user in the
forest, but our AD setup requires that all connections be
authenticated. There doesn't appear to be a way to pass a user account
and password through the LDAP configuration page.

Failing any of that, is this something I might be able to do from the
back end rather than using the admin UI? I did find a django app which
will do what I want (http://blog.beerandspeech.org/blog/2011/07/13/
django-authentication-with-multiple-active-directory-domains), but I'm
not sure how I might go about linking this in. If someone could point
me in the right direction, I'm sure I could find my way from there.


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