Is this the only VirtualHost definition for this?

Seeing the other stuff that's not necessarily RB-related may be crucial to
debugging this.

Also, did you verify that the file the apache logs were complaining about
exists and is executable?


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On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 5:49 AM, Nicolas VINOT <> wrote:

> Hello everybody.
> I install a new Review Board 1.6 on one of my server, but I have a problem
> after setup.
> I install RB on an already existing Apache virtualhost and merge manually
> RB
> conf with existing one.
> After restarting Apache, if I access to http://myHost/reviews/, I get a
> 404 RB
> error :
>        The page you were looking for does not exist.
>        If you're pretty sure this page does exist, try logging in and
> trying
> again.
> If I click the login link (http://myHost/reviews/account/login/), I get a
> 404
> Apache error :
>        Not Found
>        The requested URL /reviews/account/login/ was not found on this
> server.
> On Apache log, I have this error :
>        Target WSGI script not found or unable to stat:
> /opt/reviewboard/htdocs/reviewboard.wsgiaccount, referer:
> http://myHost/reviews/
> Here is enclosed my Apache conf.
> Where I'm wrong ?
> Thanks in advance
> --
> Nicolas VINOT

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