I investigate more on this problem, and it sounds RB is totally unusable on 
subdirectory installation (« http://forge/reviews/ » in my case).

« WSGIScriptAlias » parameter must not finish with a « / », otherwise WSGI 
concatenate URL-path part to the WSGI script path (leading to « Target WSGI 
script not found or unable to stat: 
/opt/reviewboard/htdocs/reviewboard.wsgiaccount » for « /account » URL).

But in same time, « SITE_ROOT » and « FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME » are just a bunch of  
random behaviours.
– SITE_ROOT = '/reviews/' + FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '' leads to RB-404-page, but 
with correct link on it (« http://forge/reviews/account/register/ » for 
– SITE_ROOT = '/' + FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '/reviews/' seems working, but 
http://forge/reviews/ generate a 301-moved-permanently, and redirect to little 
wrong URL (double-slashed « http://forge/reviews//dashboard/ »), itself 
generating a 302-found, redirecting to very wrong « unrooted » URL 
And if I tricks to login, RB seems working correcly (200-found and correct 
links), but not logout and few other links (http://forge/account/login/)
– SITE_ROOT = '/reviews/' + FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '/reviews/' doesn't work, home 
page is a 404-RB-error-page and all URL are wrong, with double subdir 

So, at this moment, seems RB cannot be setup on a subdirectory, and only on a 
root directory of the web server.
Is there any possible workaround ?

Nicolas VINOT

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