I have an ubuntu machine with an apache server running on it.
I have two virtual hosts(bugzilla v4.0 and review board v1.6) they are
currently separated by the Server name.

Short description of the problem:
I want to change the review board conf file(in the sites-available
folder) so it would use ServerPath and rewrite rules instead of the
aliases that came with the default conf file.

Long description of the problem:
I have a single ip address and port(external) which gets redirected to
the apache server.
I want the user to be able to write http://ip-address:port/review and
be directed to the review board.
At the same time the http://ip-address:port/bugs should redirect the
user to the bugzilla site.

It seems like the review board installation breaks easily and I
couldn't find a proper configuration that achieves the desired

Btw, during some tests I disabled the review board site but when I
went to I was redirected to
of course the page that was received was 404 but I am very interested
in finding out where is the rule which redirected the request.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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