We've been evaluating tools and part of that evaluation is the Review
Board Mylyn connector. It's rather helpful, but appears to be in some
early stages.

Things that seem to be missing:
Connectors to other repo types (obviously)
Ability to perform a review (review creation works, commenting does
Ability to see comments that are "inline". You can see that there are
comments there, but not what they are.

On Oct 6, 6:15 am, Robert Munteanu <robert.munte...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> A preview version of the Reviewboard Mylyn connector allows you to start
> review requests from a project in the workspace.
> For now this is available if you use Subversion and Subclipse. I have posted
> some basic instructions 
> athttps://github.com/rombert/ereviewboard/wiki/Subclipse-integration.
> If you want to try this preview integration , download the zipped update
> site fromhttps://github.com/rombert/ereviewboard/downloads; make sure to
> select at least 0.10.0 preview 1.
> Let me know how it works for you.
> Robert

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