On Wed, 2011-11-16 at 07:12 -0800, SathiyaMoorthy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to reviewboard, I would like to know how to list the
> reviewboard sites in the system that is installed by someone else.
> Actually am trying to upgrade the reviewboard system here, and I found
> in the instruction - each site should be upgraded !
> My question is how to find out how many sites are there in this
> current installation, and what is the path of those?

There isn't any system-wide mechanism for determining where sites have
been installed. Right now it's the responsibility of the administrator
of the machine to know this information and manually update each site.

One thing I've been toying with writing a patch for: have 'rb-site
install' maintain a file /var/lib/reviewboard/sites.list that would be a
simple list of paths on the filesystem into which Review Board sites
have been created.

This would make life easier on RPM installs and upgrades as well, as we
could read through this file and call 'rb-site upgrade' for all affected

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