I'm having trouble using post-review with multiple files and a
revision range, e.g.:

post-review /path1/foo.c /path2/bar.c  --server=http://rb.example.com
--repository-url=https://svn.example.com/svn/ --revision-
range=102799:103727 --summary="foo" --description="bar"

This generates an illegal svn diff command like:

svn diff --diff-cmd=diff https://svn.example.com/svn/@102799
https://svn.example.com/svn/@103727 /path1/foo.c /path2/bar.c

which generates an error:

Failed to execute command: ['svn', 'diff', '--diff-cmd=diff', 'https://
svn.example.com/svn/@102799', 'https://svn.example.com/svn/@103727', '/
path1/foo.c', '/path2/bar.c']
['svn: Target lists to diff may not contain both working copy paths
and URLs\n']

Unfortunately I don't think there IS a legal svn diff to do this;
you'd have to do multiple diffs and concatenate them, I guess?

The workaround is to just put a single path which encompasses all
changes to be reviewed; but that's not a great option in my case since
unrelated changes might be picked up.

What do people think?  Is this a bug?  Is there a better workaround?
Or am I just doing this wrong?



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