First of all, thanks for ReviewBoard we are using it for reviewing
Tuleap development since a couple of weeks and it's really helpful!

We are trying to do this (based on RB 1.6):
- Our model is: post-reviews on development branches before merge into
trunk (subversion)
- A group of fellow contributors are able to create new review
- They are doing a first round of review internally and when they are
proud of their code, they ask for review to core developers. So we
created 2 review groups (tuleap-contrib and tuleap-core).
- But when one -contrib member created a review for a given branch,
others cannot update the review.
- Typical scenario:
* Developer A submit a first review request
* Integrator K make some comments
* Developer B does some fix, update the diff, answers comments but is
not allowed tu publish this draft. He has to wait for Developer A to
update the diff.

I don't know if it's clear enough.

Is there any way to get all the members of one group to update the
reviews of its siblings ?


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