I'm trying to install ReviewBoard on a new server here (at work). We
must go through a proxy to access the outside, and direct FTP is

I've been able to install most components by supplying an HTTP proxy
to various tools, but I've hit a wall with P4PythonInstaller.

>From looking at the code, it seems to connect via FTP to
ftp.perforce.com to grab some files. This is blocked in our network,
but could be possible through the HTTP proxy.

I believe there's two solutions, both of which I would like an answer
- Which files are actually needed? I might manage to grab the files
from another computer and move them to the linux box hosting this, so
that the setup.py file doesn't try to download them.
- How to tell the script to use our proxy instead? Or maybe grab the
files from HTTP directly? I assume perforce publishes those on the
website too.


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