Version 1.6
My understanding of the authentication process was that if all other
auth methods failed, review board would fall back to "builtin", is
this not correct then?  I was attempting to login as as a local admin
after having set up AD and received a TLS exception, the auth process
did not attempt to move on after that.  Since the install process
advises that the local admin does not match a name in AD/LDAP does
that mean that this name will only work when builtin method is
enabled.  As for failing back is it supposed to happen and the only
thing stopping it is an unhanded exception?

Another thing setting LDAP does not appear to have any affect, local
use/password works but non of the LDAP ones.

Finally if I were to enable TLS for LDAP/AD where would the certs need
to be stored, or how would I enable opportunistic TLS as opposed to
some recognized cert?


Lev Bronshtein

P.S. I would ne more then happy to trace the execution of various
components if you need me to and report back my findings if it makes
the process easier.

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