I'm having some problems with the configuration of ReviewBoard with
our server, and I was wondering if someone could possibly point me in
the right direction. We're using Ubuntu, Apache2, and MySQL. I
followed the installation instructions, set up a RB instance on a
MySQL server, and all that seems to have installed successfully,
however I can't seem to get the RB site to work correctly.

When installing the site, I was asked what I wanted its 'name' to be.
We have several applications running, Bugzilla, for example, that we
get to using URLs like 'http://localhost/bug'. I wanted to set RB up
in a similar fashion, so that the website would be 'http://localhost/
reviewBoard', so I simply chose 'reviewBoard' as the site name. I'm
not entirely sure if that's right, but I used the recommended mod_wsgi
module, and the conf file showed up in the expected folder.

I moved the conf file to the sites-available folder, renamed it
reviewBoard.conf, and created the link from the sites-enabled to the
sites-available folder. That's when Apache crashed - when I attempted
to restart it, I get the error: "Syntax error on line 8 of /etc/
apache2/sites-enabled/reviewBoard: Invalid command
'WSGIPassAuthorization', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not
included in the server configuration". I'm not entirely sure how to
include it to the server configuration, so if anyone has any insight
on that I'd be grateful.

Additionally, without the link and the conf file, I can browse to
http://localhost/reviewboard, however all that appears is the
directory structure. This is apparently not an uncommon problem and
the solution seems to be removing the default configuration file,
however we're using the default configuration to ensure several other
CGI sites of ours load properly. Is there a way both RB and the
default can live in harmony?


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