I've been trying to get a View Diff to work with Bazaar but keep
running into "The patch to <path> didn't apply cleanly" errors.

I set up the repository in ReviewBoard with the path: bzr+ssh://
bazaar@<serveraddress>/home/bazaar/task where task is the top level of
the branch I want to diff against. This branch contains src and doc
directories. I did get connection errors until I uploaded the SSH
public key, so I think I can connect to the repository ok. And "Show
this Repository" is selected.

I have created a diff file from bzr with the command:
 >bzr diff -rbranch:bzr+ssh://bazaar@<serveraddress>/home/bazaar/task
in the top level directory of my branch.

I then uploaded this diff to ReviewBoard using "\" as the base
directory. I have tried all kinds of different things here, even the
entire bzr+ssh://bazaar@<serveraddress>/home/bazaar/task path.
Interestingly, I do *not* have the option to select a repository that
is shown in the documentation for Version 1.6. I am running Version

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


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