I've installed Reviewboard twice now.  The First environment was on
VMWare Windows XP and Apache 2.x which had External Internet access
disabled, and so I spent a lot of time downloading and running and
debugging my way to victory.  The end result was a working Reviewboard
installation that had to use its own port because it didn't like to
share with the other websites installed with the Apache Server. The
Second Environment is outside of VMWare on Windows XP with Apache 2.x,
and I'm getting the same kind of result.  It works if it's on its own
port number.

I've played with httpd.conf and the until I'm blue
in the face.  The principle thing I've noticed is that it works when I
have the following setup:

WSGIScriptAlias "/" "C:/var/www/rbj/htdocs/reviewboard.wsgi"

When I navigate to http//ip-address:port/reviewboard/
The URL resolves to http//ip-address:port/dashboard/
instead of http//ip-address:port/reviewboard/dashboard/

I understand that this is expected behavior.  However when I do
something like:

WSGIScriptAlias "/reviewboard/" "C:/var/www/rbj/htdocs/
SITE_ROOT = '/reviewboard/'

Or any strange combination of altering the above in such a manner,
when I navigate to http//ip-address:port/reviewboard/
The URL will resolve to something like http//ip-address:port/
and I'll get Reviewboard's custom 404 splash screen.

SO.... Why not leave it on its own port and call it a day?  Simple
Bureaucracy.  The Organization has rules and that's not the way they
roll.  So, what are the stipulations?
* This application has to play nice with the other applications in
* This has to ultimately be behind SSL:443 which is the only port out
I'm allowed to use on that machine which is a problem when I have to
make reviewboard the root directory.
* It cannot have its own machine, and I'm not allowed to implement
VMWare as a server on a server so-to-speak.

What I'm looking for are ideas that I may have overlooked in the
configuration files, or maybe a simple simple code change to have it
recognize /reviewboard/ in front of any further url characters.  I
only know enough python to get myself into trobule, but not back out
of it.

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