That's the problem.  "jimmy" is not authorized to access the repository 
where post-review is running into the error.  The review being created by 
post-review is *not *against the repository that is invitation-only.  It is 
against another repository in the list that post-review hasn't gotten to 
yet.  The question is, if post-review iterates through the repository list 
on behalf of user "jimmy", but runs across a repository where it can't get 
the data because of permissions, and hasn't yet reached the one that is 
appropriate for the sandbox, does it just fail as I am seeing?

Example list of repos that post-review iterates over to find out where to 
submit the request:
[repo1] - public
[repo2] - public
[repo3] - invitation-only
[repo4] - public, the one where "jimmy" intends to submit the review 


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