Hi there,

I have just upgraded the client side subversion (Windows) to 1.7.4 and RBtools 
to 0.4.1.

After the upgrade post-review did not function anymore. The problem was that 
the diff.exe program of the CollabNet installation messed with my GNU diff.exe. 
I sorted that and it is working now.

During the debugging process I generated a diff set using simply "svn diff 
<file>" (not external diff program specified), and saved the output to a file 
for use with the post-review switch -diff-filename=<file>. It worked. I guess 
it is because "svn diff" now produce unified format diffs.

Are there any plans to do away with GNU diff program requirement on windows?

Best regards,

Elardus Erasmus
DigiCore Technologies
Embedded Software Engineer
Tel: +27 12 450 2272 * Fax: +27 12 450 2311
Email: elard...@digicore.co.za * Website: 
www.ctrack.co.za<http://www.ctrack.co.za/> * Email 

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