I'm trying to post a review request for a changeset I created on a new 
branch of our public github repo. Since I already committed the change, I 

$ post-review --parent 5f7fc000274abab9cbfb7a00a5b9602314ae6268

I'm getting the dreaded 207 (the file was not found in the repository) 
error. The file it mentions most emphatically is in the repo though. I 
really don't know how to go about tracking down this issue. The only thing 
I can think of is that the problem is somehow related to the fact that the 
parent changeset is on a different branch from my new changeset. Also the 
parent diff and my diff are the same size, which seems suspicious:

>>> Uploading diff, size: 3342
>>> Uploading parent diff, size: 3342

Any ideas?

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