So I figured out what was happening.  We use SVN via cygwin.  So when SVN 
is launched, it gets launched in a cygwin shell even if you run it from a 
windows command prompt.

So this causes the path to be set (not sure how) to the cygwin path 
"/cygdrive/c/trunk" and then the path passed in "C:\\trunk" gets appended 
to the cygwin path.

The only way I found to get this to work was to remove the path variable 
from the execute command in as follows:

        def get_url_prop(path):
            url = execute(["svn", "propget", "reviewboard:url", 
            return url or None

        def get_url_prop(path):
            url = execute(["svn", "propget", "reviewboard:url", ""]).strip()
            return url or None

Obviously this will only work with the setup I'm using, but I just wanted 
to post this in case anyone else is using SVN via cygwin and runs into the 
same problem.

On Thursday, July 12, 2012 2:56:31 PM UTC-4, whatever wrote:
> Thanks for the reply!
> So I tried your suggestion, but no dice.  Still the same issue.
> On Thursday, July 12, 2012 2:35:27 PM UTC-4, superakuma wrote:
>> I had this problem before. You probably have cygwin in the PATH. I didn't 
>> know how to fix it so I just took out cgywin in the PATH to use post-review.
>> On Thursday, July 12, 2012 11:21:29 AM UTC-7, whatever wrote:
>>> So I'm trying to run post-review on a windows box with cygwin installed 
>>> and I'm getting the following error:
>>> C:\trunk>post-review
>>> Failed to execute command: ['svn', 'propget', 'reviewboard:url', 
>>> 'C:\\trunk']
>>> cygwin warning:
>>>   MS-DOS style path detected: /cygdrive/c/trunk/C:\trunk
>>>   Preferred POSIX equivalent is: /cygdrive/c/trunk/C:/trunk
>>>   CYGWIN environment variable option "nodosfilewarning" turns off this 
>>> warning.
>>>   Consult the user's guide for more details about POSIX paths:
>>> svn: E200005: '/cygdrive/c/trunk/C:\trunk' is not under version control
>>> Obviously the problem is that post-review is adding "/cygdrive/c/trunk/" 
>>> to the path.  How do I avoid this happening?
>>> Thanks!

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