Opening a fresh post to avoid any old mess..need urgent help. I am
trying to use post review with every cvs commit. Applying a trigger in
cvs commitinfo file as follows
$>cat commitinfo
/usr/bin/post-review  --server=   --
username=admin --password=admin --submit-as=vineet  --repository-

[user@svn test]$ cat .reviewboardrc
REPOSITORY = 'svn:/opt/cvsroot'

Repository Information in reviewboard dashboard

Mirror Path=svn:/opt/cvsroot

What error i get  is -

[user@svn test]$ cvs -d :pserver:kapilap@svn:/opt/cvsroot ci -m "BugID:
47300 update" document.txt
Post-review for /opt/cvsroot/test
No supported repository could be accessed at the supplied url.

If i remove "--repository-url=svn:/opt/cvsroot" from commitinfo file i
get this error-

[kapila.narang@svn test]$ cvs -d :pserver:kapilap@svn:/opt/cvsroot ci -
m "BugID:47300 update" document.txt
Post-review for /opt/cvsroot/test
The current directory does not contain a checkout from a
supported source code repository.

Need urgent help pls expert help meeeeeeeeeee :(

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