When I try to post-review, I get an error after these calls:

python\Scripts\post-review-script.py calls
rbtools~.egg\rbtools\postreview.py calls
rbtools~.egg\rbtools\clients\__init__.py calls
rbtools~.egg\rbtools\clients\git.py where I get an this:

line 58, in get_repository_info WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot 
find the path specified: 'C:\\home\\my.user.name\\my-working-directory'

Anybody know what's going on? I know it can't find the path because that's 
supposed to be 'C:\\cygwin\\home\\my.user.name\\my-working-directory' so 
I'm guessing it takes C: instead of C:\cygwin as the root.

I tried searching all over, but I can't find anything and now I'm stuck. 
How sad...

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