Hi all-

After upgrading to 1.6.12 last week, I finally got around to updating my 
Git hook script to detect renames and send them to RB.  Unfortunately it 
looks like pure renames don't post correctly.  For example, I generated a 
trivial commit with a single rename:

diff --git a/SConscript b/foo
similarity index 100%
rename from SConscript
rename to foo

The hook script gathers up the commit summary, description, and the above 
diff and then calls 

post-review --publish --summary=... --description=... --diff-filename=-

At that point post-review warns of a malformed diff, the review is created, 
but left in draft form.  I also tested a move plus an edit of the moved 
file, and that posts correctly.  I didn't think to test a move of one file 
and an edit of a different one...

Is this a bug that can be fixed, or is there perhaps a workaround I can use 
in the hook script?


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