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> Hello,
> We have setup ReviewBoard integration with Perforce and most parts it is
> working ok. (using version 1.6.3)
> We have few issues/enhancement requests:
> a.       If the file size in pending CL exceed 500K around, then
> ReviewBoard can’t handle it;

500K is a bit larger for users to sanely review, but we certainly don't
want to fall apart. Fortunately, this problem has been solved in the latest
1.6.x and 1.7.x releases. We handle much larger diffs now, and also support
disabling uploading of very large diffs (configurable on the server).

> b.      Current general template is used for all projects, could we
> specify something special for the specified projects? Such as, ****
>                                                                i.      We
> don’t want the submitters can “ship it” themselves. ****
>                                                              ii.      Add
> “MUST” reviewers for special rules check… (Eg. The review people list order
> is not as that who has submitted. We’d better keep the same order)

There's no support for this. It comes up on occasion, and it's on our
radar, but I have no ETA. The problem is, everyone has a different
requirement for how it'd work, so it's not something we can easily bake
into the product. We'd likely have an extension down the road that's more
specialized for such things.

> ****
> Let me know if above is possible? Also, Is it possible that we can write
> the code our self or is it the case that code must be written with in RB
> open source team?

You can write code yourself. Maintaining your own fork will make it harder
to upgrade in the future, though.

The 1.7 releases are introducing an experimental extension framework, which
allows for custom features, but there's still a number of hooks needed to
be able to do things like this. We'd take patches to introduce hooks (talk
to us about the design first), and that should give you a foundation for
building in custom logic.


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