On 2013-01-15 00:29, xiuruli...@163.com wrote:
1. Our Perforce server is at remote site and out of my control, I just want
to setup a locak ReviewBoard web server, to work together with our existing
Perforce server (at remote site) for a small team, is it possible? does
Review Board need to be at same server of Perforce?

No problem AFAIK. The RB server just needs to be able to talk to the P4 server. (I ran a set up like this some time ago, with the RB server and P4D half the country apart.)

However, I have problem in section" Installing Source Control
Components", I don't know what Perforce component need to be
installed on my Review Board server, there are a lot of components at
Perforce website (http://www.perforce.com/downloads/complete_list),
such as P4V, P4 Commandline Client, P4D, etc.

You need the command line client. You shouldn't need P4V AFAIK. You definitely don't need P4D (that's the server).


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