On 03/25/2013 05:04 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Whitespace for indentation has never been shown for most files,
> regardless of that setting. That's just due to how we've always
> generated diffs.
> During diff generation, indentation changes are ignored. The intent was
> to prevent a block of indentation changes from showing up as a bunch of
> modified lines or, worse, deleted/added lines, distracting from the
> content of those reviews.

Sure, I understand that, but I would have figured that's what the "Hide
whitespace changes" button would have been for. As it stands right now,
those two buttons don't appear to do anything at all.

> All other whitespace changes are then let through (trailing whitespace,
> whitespace within the line), and lines containing just that are assigned
> a class. The "Show/Hide Extra Whitespace" toggle then just changes the
> visibility of any chunks containing these classes. It doesn't regenerate
> the diff or anything. The goal of this feature is to make code review
> easier when the file contains lots of whitespace cleanup, but not to
> show indentation.
> So, they're noticing this for the first time. It has never been any
> different, out of the box.

Well, this instance has only been up for about a week, so "for the first
time" happened pretty quickly.

> This can be disabled in an installation, though. You can include *.py
> files in "Show all whitespace for:" list in the Diff Viewer Settings in
> the Admin UI, and we'll stop ignoring leading whitespace on lines.

I couldn't get this to work for

I added "*.py, openlmi-doc-class2*" to the ignore list in the Diff
Viewer settings (and restarted the server), but it still does not
display leading whitespace changes on line 124 of that diff.

> Can this all be better? Yes. What I'd love is to have the diff
> generation be much smarter and say "This line hasn't changed except for
> the indentation," and then mark that up differently. There's a lot of
> work that would be needed, though. Something to put on the increasingly
> large TODO list.

The diff generation seems to be able to identify the specific characters
that have changed within a line other than whitespace, so I'm not sure
why we can't just use that same logic. But I'll admit to having no clear
view of the internal details here.

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