We currently have 2 review board servers  running 1.7.6 on 2 different 
CenotOS 6 hosts.  We set up 2 servers way back in the 1.0 days to restrict 
visibility of some portions of our perforce repository.  I'm now tasked 
with setting up a third server with even greater restrictions.   All 3 
servers point to a single perforce repository. I don't want to tie up a 3rd 
box for this, so I'm looking to run 2 sites on 1 machine.  My first thought 
was to set up a second IP and try to get 2 different instances of RB 
running on the same box, but with distinct databases and directories.  But 
I see that 1.7 has private groups and the concept of 'local sites' which 
look like they may be another way to solve the problem.  However, I haven't 
been able to find enough detail on local sites to determine if I should go 
down that road. I was hoping others out there may have some hard-earned 
experience on which of these approaches is the most viable.



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