I'm sorry to say it, but its time has come. For some time now,
ReviewBoard has been on life-support in EPEL 5. The available
dependencies are very old (and Django itself was stuck on 1.1.x).
Recently, due to concerns about security issues in the ancient version
of Django and the inability to update it due to old versions of python
in EPEL, the Django maintainer decided to drop support for EPEL 5.

As a result, I will be purging ReviewBoard 1.5.x from the EPEL 5
repositories. I will, however, be updating the version of RBTools to
0.5.x (and building it atop the python 2,6 stack in EPEL) when I get a
chance. So you will still be able to use RHEL 5 as a client for
ReviewBoard, but no longer as a server (using my community-supported
packages, at least). If you need to run the ReviewBoard server on RHEL
5, I recommend installing your own python 2.6 or 2.7 stack and using
easy_install at this point.

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