I know people would have asked this several times, but I am not able to 
find specific answer by rearching in this forum.
Can anyone please either answer me or point me to an earlier posted answer.

I Installed and configured reviewboard.
Configured Github repo to it.
But now when I try to post a Review request, in which I edit an existing 
file, it says file doesn't exist.
If I am correct then it is not refereeing to the Github repo.

Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong?
Or is it like that we can't raise a request for Github repo through 
reviewboard UI?

Works fine for SVN project.

Also this is the error I get when doing for Github:
*The file '<Filename>' (< Revision >) could not be found in the repository*

Same succeeds if I upload diff for a newly added file.


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