Never mind got this working :-) 

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013 12:40:03 PM UTC-4, Secita Jose wrote:

> HI,
> I have review Board(1.7.9) set up on windows 7. 
> Using post-review.exe from command line I am able to create review request 
> for a svn repository , that has 'Basic authentication' enabled. 
> But while trying to do the same using a post commit hook , I get the error 
> 'No supported repository could be accessed at the supplied url' .
> It tries to do a svn info on the repository and fails at the point.
> More info using the -d command:
> DEBUG:root: Running svn info  https://xxxxxxx/svn/Test--non-interactive 
> svn:E170001: Unable to connect to a repositor at URL '*
> https://xxxxxxx/svn/Test*'
> svn:E170001: OPTIONS of '*https://xxxxxxx/svn/Test*': authorization 
> failed. Could not authenticate to server:rejected Basic challenge(*
> https://xxxxxxx/svn/Test*).
> ------
> When post-review.exe does a svn info, does it use the parameters 
> --username,--password that we send to post-review.  What credentails does 
> it to use to authenticate against svn..
> I printed out the command send and used 
> the same command from command-line , and that successfully created a review 
> request in RB.
> Thanks,
> Secita Jose

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