On 2013-11-04 14:26, Christian Hammond wrote:
Assuming you're an admin, you should be able to update the review request,
but honestly, updating diffs for another user's review request isn't a
workflow we recommend or test.

Okay. FWIW, I'm going to claim it doesn't work :-). (I did end up trying as admin also, with the same results... the interface accepts the diff but fails to create a draft of the new diff. I didn't see anything in the server logs either.)

What I ended up doing is temporarily changing the review owner to myself so that I could manipulate it as the owner.

(Then I had an adventure not reloading the DB page, accidentally nuking the review changes as a result, and then trying to figure out what happened :-). I did fix it eventually...)

Relatedly, this is actually one issue (of very few) we've run into where gerrit is better than RB. It's actually not unusual for us to deal with co-authored branches that are initially uploaded by one author but subsequently modified by a different/additional author, where it is desired for the other author(s) to be able to post new diffs to the request. It would be nice if RB could support this more readily.

What I'd recommend is to create a new review request to replace that one,
and discard the old one with a link to the new.

I was trying to avoid this as it would "lose" the history associated with the existing review request.


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