On 11/11/2013 07:21 AM, Dan Porter wrote:
> For those wanting to run RBTools under EL5 (which is unfortunately our
> main production environment still), attached is an unofficial package we
> use at our company.  It's built from standard sources and contains a
> minor patch.  No post 0.5.2 updates/patches have been applied.
> Link to Gist if you wish to build this
> yourself: https://gist.github.com/Stealthii/7412376
> On reviewboard itself I can confirm there are issues running this on
> RHEL5.  Strongly recommend 6.2+.
> On Monday, November 4, 2013 11:35:43 PM UTC, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
>     On 11/04/2013 01:28 PM, Adrien Rochereau wrote:
>     > Hi, I did an install two weeks ago on a centos 5.4 without any
>     issues,
>     > This week, trying to do the same thing on RHEL 5.4 and yum kept
>     > returining not found, if you go to the package browser on fedora's
>     > website, you cannot find RB anymore under 5/i386.
>     > Is this because of an update or are you pulling the support of EPEL5?
>     >
>     Yes, I sent out an announcement quite a while ago. RHEL/CentOS 4 is too
>     old and cannot support ReviewBoard any longer without significant
>     effort
>     in porting all of its dependencies to the python26 toolchain in EPEL.
>     Given that RHEL 5 is very old and in maintenance mode, I reasoned that
>     people would generally accept running a RHEL 6 VM to power ReviewBoard
>     if they wanted to.

Oops! Thanks for pointing this out to me. I thought I had released an
RBTools 0.5.2 package for EPEL 5, but it looks like I must have
forgotten to. It's now built and on the way to the EPEL 5
updates-testing repository.

I retired the Review Board server from EPEL 5, but it makes sense to
maintain the client.

I've created the package now:

It should get into the epel-testing repo within 48 hours. You can also
download the RPM directly from the link above.

Dan: I don't understand the point of the patch in your gist. It looks
like a variant of an old one I had created, but it's no longer
necessary. I got a better version upstreamed so that it will try to use
the system copy before it resorts to ez_setup. Your patch doesn't really
hurt anything, but it's unnecessary.

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