I'm having trouble specifying the review board repository to which my 
changes are based.  Using post-review, I can make diff by the command 
"post-review -n >~/blah.diff"  and post it using the GUI.  However, I think 
post-review is having trouble identifying the reviewboard repository.

Like I said, post-review -n works, I get a complete diff.   Using the 
---debug option I can also see that the server is contacted and a review is 
made.  Post-review is just having issues attaching the diff file.

A little about my environment.

I'm on Ubuntu using a git-svn client for a replicated subversion 
repository.  (By replicated subversion, I mean that IT is replicating the 
subversion across multiple servers in different locations.  Each should 
mirror the master, it is a black box to me.)   Just recently I switched the 
server my git client is using by using the script at: 

While I don't think these things are related, they are part of the picture. 
 I think the fact that I switched subversion servers is confusing 
post-review about which review board repository to use.  Thus, if I could 
specify to post-review to use a specific repository for the submission, 
then it might work I think.

Thanks for the great product,


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