I'm looking for a way to look up a reviewboard repository by its name using 
the python api.  We're currently moving our single CVS repo to a 
modularized git one, and so we're expecting the number of repositories that 
reviewboard has to manage to grow very quickly.  So, what I'm trying to do 
is write a git post-commit script that can check to see if a given git repo 
already has a reviewboard repository created for it, and create one if it 
doesn't exist yet.  My current solution is to do this:

def find_repo_by_name(repository_name):
    from rbtools.api.client import RBClient
    client = RBClient('http://path/to/reviewboard')
    root = client.get_root()
    repo_count = root.get_repositories(counts_only=True).count
    all_repositories = root.get_repositories(max_results=repo_count)
    repository_name = 'prod-nuke'
    for repository in all_repositories:
        if repository.name == repository_name:
            return repository
    raise IndexError('Repository {name} does not exist on 

This stinks because it has to do the http transmission of all the data for 
all the repositories.  Obviously I could write it using max_results=25 and 
use the get_next() method on the ListResource class, but the worst case 
still has O(n) efficiency.

I'd really like to do something like this:

Does the reviewboard api provide mechanisms for searching with keys other 
than the primary key / resource id?  If it does, I can't seem to find it...


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